: "from The Bullpen to The Cosy Cottage and All Points In Between" :

Lily Up The Hill

 Lily was sitting on top  of the lovely soft moss, just beyond the garden, out of sight of the cosy cottage in the woods...

It was a fine afternoon. A little chilly, perhaps: however, up above the green-swirl canopy of trees, the sun shone so sweetly in a bright blue sky.

"A fine day for an afternoon hike, up to the top of the hill!" Lily decided.


      And so, Lily put on her woolly jacket and began to take a shortcut through the woods - that she knew led towards the path, and which sent her clambering over tree trunks, and marching through the soft undergrowth...
"Hoop-lah!" Lily huffed, as she slid down a particularly steep bank of damp moss.
 "Oh dear!" She sighed, as her feet reached the ground.
Now she had a soggy bottom!

Lily wondered what to do.

If she turned back now, in order to change into more appropriate legwear, it might then be too late to make the trip all the way up to the top of the hill and then back down in time for supper!

Miss Eliza would be very upset with Lily if she arrived home late, to a plate of cold carrots and lumpy mashed potatoes.

And that would probably mean no home-made rhubarb pie and custard for afters, either!  

And so, she decided to keep going, feeling rather uncomfortable, until she finally reached the safety of the main path. 

On the way up, Lily came across a tree that had recently fallen across the trail.
 However, she managed to duck under it without getting even messier, and continued her journey in good spirits!

Deep in the woods, the tall trees stretched their limbs ever higher, up into the sky, making the path feel very closed in.

 Lily shivered as the scattering of damp leaves felt cold against her bare feet. She was exceedingly glad that she had brought her woolly jacket with her now!

The trail ahead was clear: absent of the usual dusting of joggers and people walking their dogs and so forth.
 It seemed like she had the whole trail to herself this afternoon...

"Oh boy!" Lily paused to catch her breath, as the path began to climb steeply; winding its way through the ferns, towards the mass of tall trees crowded together at the base of the hill.

This little walk would certainly build up her appetite!

 As she dutifully followed the line of the steep path, sometimes the sun would creep over the brow of the hill, and Lily would believe she was almost at the top...

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