: "from The Bullpen to The Cosy Cottage and All Points In Between" :

Montgolfiering with Lily and Miss Elisabeth

 “Weeeeee!” squeaked Lily, as the balloon rose slowly ever higher, carrying her delicate frame with it on a journey of discovery, high above the landing.

“Oh, do please be careful!” Miss Elisabeth cried out, as her best friend floated ominously towards the ceiling.


 “Oh Eliza, don’t you worry.” Lily chided from behind her wide-eyed grin,

“In any case, I know you’ll be there to catch me!” and she let out a disarming chuckle.


But just then, of course, a ripple bobbled its way across the skin of the balloon, causing Lily’s body to jerk: “Whooaaahh!”

 Lily instinctively gripped the knot of the balloon even more tightly, as her makeshift flying contraption skidded across the top of the ceiling…

The delicate friction caused the balloon to start slowly spinning in a clockwise direction, and thus she and her contraption began to bump in slow-motion across the rough texture of painted plaster.

“Oh my!” Eliza cried out, impotently raising her arms even higher until the tips of her fingers started to tingle.

Uuhhh...Eliza?” An ashen-faced Lily mumbled, as the balloon skidded ominously close to the rather hot halogen spotlight in the middle of the ceiling. “Maybe you should go find Kiki and ask her if Cosy owns a ladder or something.”

“Okay, my dear.” Miss Elisabeth sounded quite relieved.


Umm. I mean. Like, right now?” Lylis was starting to feel rather dizzy.


And that lightbulb over there was starting to feel awfully hot…

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