: "from The Bullpen to The Cosy Cottage and All Points In Between" :

Damn straight, Barbies are Dangerous!

Do they mean us, Matheson?

Why, I think they do, my dear Lorem. However, personally-speaking, I don't see what they could be worried about. After all, we don't bite...

...well, perhaps the Lieutenant might. But not all of us are so bad.

Something Exciting Is Happening Outside!


What's up, Lyl?

Over there! Look!                  

        Oh yeah! Wow!!!

          Hang on a mo, let me grab my camera!


What could the girls have spotted out there, I wonder.....

Jess Gets Treated (on a rest day)

Out on the front deck, enjoying the sun...

Super-8/Polaroid style

70's Instamatic


Hero of the Revolution - Soviet style

No One Likes A Sulky Girl

 "Well Hallo there!"
Ah well, you know bit of rain never hurt anyone...

Montgolfiering Pt. 2

Lily On The Beach

Brrr... a bit chilly for a trip to the beach, to be fair...

But hey ho! While I'm here...!

paddle paddle...

...paddle paddle
Ahhh... lovely...!

Hmmm.. now to find somewhere to dry off!

Yep. There we go. I'll be dry in no time!