: "from The Bullpen to The Cosy Cottage and All Points In Between" :

Jess's Photography Trip Pt.4

"Oh, I say! Miss!
Would you mind if I took a photo of you?"

"Well, actually, yes I would.
You'll have to speak to my agent first."

"But I'm only a struggling photography student."

"Come now, Brenda! Don't be a spoilsport. You know how we try to support the arts."

"Quite. Look, we have plenty of release forms back in the shed. Just stick your hoof on one of them and help the poor girl out, why don't you!"

 A few minutes later...

"Oh my, Brenda! That's a great pose there! Just hold it a second..."

"Now, remember to capture my best side....
oh, and don't forget to post me a few copies for my portfolio.
Shed 3, Donnyvale Farm, OR974..."

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